A Trip to the Museum

On the 13th January (a few weeks ago) the Kingfisher class went on a trip to the Dorchester museum where they were learning a thing or two about Celts and Romans.
Our school were extremely lucky because we got to hold some real artefacts, including some ancient Roman coins that come all the way from when Augustus Pater was emperor. As well as holding the artefacts we got to wear a replica of a Roman helmet that was very heavy and large, it hardly fitted on our heads!
In the Dorchester museum we had the privilege to stand on the mosaics that they have on the floors there, we even ate our lunch on them! Each mosaic in the museum has a different pattern; one of the most popular ones is decorated with many different colours and has Neptune engraved into it. Mrs Armstrong also taught us a lot about the history of mosaics that are in the museum and the interesting ways of how they got there.
Also under the guidance of Mrs. Snow, the head of children’s education for the museum, we went to see the Roman townhouse. This gave us an idea of what the Romans lived like when they came to Britain. In the Townhouse we saw quite a few beautiful mosaics but unfortunately the rain had completely obliterated one.dscn0836 dscn0842 dscn0849 dscn0854 dscn0855 dscn0858 dscn0859 dscn0861 dscn0867 dscn0871 dscn0873

We all enjoyed our trip out and learnt a lot too!


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Welcome back!

It’s 2017, a new year for Cheselbourne. What are our resolutions for this year? Well we would like to do things like getting better at our handwriting and seven times table. Also doing the best we can and practicing our spellings! As well as all that we would love to win a sports tournament (well we shall see!).

During the Spring term the whole school topic is Humans but different classes are doing different things to learn about this. Kingfishers are learning about Celts and Romans, Swallows- Explorers and Wagtails- Famous People and Themselves. Although, not all of the school will be able to witness the whole year of 2017 with Cheselbourne because the Year Fours will be leaving to start Middle School this year, which will be great.

 In the past years as a school, Cheselbourne have done a lot of exciting things but I think that everyone is hoping this will be the best year yet!

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3 4
Reading Rainbow- Here is our school’s new reading system called the reading rainbow
House Points- this is a new system for rewards with four teams spread across the school. Who will win this term?
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Welcome from our new School Blogger!

Hi my name is Henrietta Mrs See, my teacher, has assigned me the task of writing the school blog and updating it weekly.
I have been going to Cheselbourne for five years from scarecrows up to year four. I am the 2nd oldest in the school and the oldest girl in the school. I am also in the Student Voice (School Council) who are a group of children that make sure everything is always going smoothly and to make sure everyone is happy.
The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone updated on what is happening in and around school. Doing this means that a student (me) will be able to explain everything to viewers in lots of detail. I hope you enjoy! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you pop in and out to read more!
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New pictures of British Day and a busy start to the New Year 2016

IMG_0600 P1050596

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Nothe Fort

Kingfishers Class were evacuated on 8th November 1941. They began at Nothe Fort in Weymouth and whilst there learnt many important skills. Take a look at the pictures hereIMG_0497 (1)


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The day the BBC came 26th June 2015

BBC South Today visited, we had a trip on a Routemaster and a picnic. A great day. Pictures hereP1040427

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New pictures!

Please visit the school website. On the pictures page are new sets of pictures. Cooking and Gardening;   Send my Friend and the Year 4 Residential to Hooke Court.
Picturesches2 (2) (Custom)P1040331 (Custom)P1000792 (Custom)

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New Pictures on the School Website!


Click on the pictures above to see this term’s pictures of Visits and Visitors, Open assembly and Tree planting.

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Christmas Events.

New pictures for our Christmas events 2014. Please click hereP1000138

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Children in Need Pirate Day

14th November 2014. Everyone dressed as pirates, we held a Pirate Day and raised money for Children in Need. Have a look at the fearsome pirates here.IMG_1135IMG_1108

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